A buzz of excitement grew rapidly after news spread of a bush gymkhana to be held in a ‘one pub’ town some hours away, over many miles of dusty roads barely more than wide tracks. Tracks that had known a grader blade – in the distant past.  The town itself had a proud history –…

Hawaii Big Island – Visit to Hilo

The beauty of travelling and experiencing different cultures, in my humble opinion, is that it enriches, opens and educates us through doing, seeing, eating, touching and being in and absorbing those places, people and cultures even when they seem miles away from anything we are used to.

My Great Indian Road Trip

In Search of Hidden Gems As I grow older in age, I begin to treat each year that passes with utmost significance. Unlike when I was a child, when I pleaded for time to move faster if only to escape from the siesta period imposed on me by my parents, I now more often wish…

When Mythology meets Embroidery!

Swastika in Bulgarian folklore is associated with the cult of the Sun and light. This symbol contains within itself a knowledge of the universe. There will be no other people in whom the sacred sign is woven to such a degree in its everyday life and philosophy. Since the early Neolithic in the last 10,000…

Timeless tales

I think of time as a mistress with many moods. At times she is a river that flows by, caressing your dipped toes as you idly watch, procrastinating or lost in a summer reprieve. Then she confronts you with a vicious intensity, wraps you in a red hot wind and carries you amid impotent protest….

Cultural Diversity!

I’ve had the great privilege of visiting eighty-five countries on six continents and of experiencing over a hundred different cultures. My reasons for the visits aren’t as diverse as the countries nor the cultures, but they also differ as they range from following the track of Captain Cook across the Pacific to celebrate the bicentennial…

Saving Face

When someone thinks about China, it’s invariably about Communism, a Communist state, an overcrowded population in a sizable country, a long history, cheap products that flood external markets, a difficult language to learn.
But is that all? Is there something more to it?

Old Land, New Story

If I tell you I’m an African, what comes to mind? Poverty? War? Genocide? Lions and elephants? Black people living in primitive grass huts?